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You dont' have the time to read hundreds of magazines, but need to be sure you find the one key article that brings you ahead?

Below is an overview of the Insights we publish on a weekly or monthly basis
CRISPR Technology Insight

Our CRISPR patent and licensing data is used by global Fortune 500 companies, biotech & life science ventures, patent law firms, public organizations, and research institutes. research in Europe, America and Asia. Over the past eight years, our experts have gained unique knowledge of the CRISPR universe by collecting, scientific analysing and categorizing more than 18,000+ patent families and more than 430+ licensing agreements as of November 2023. 

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RIH – Watchmaking Technology Insight

With RIH – Watchmaking Technology Insight you receive monthly reports on new patents in the fields of mechanical watchmaking and electronic watchmaking, as well as related branches such as exteriors or electronic components.

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RIH Asia - Watchmaking Technology Insight Asia

RIH Asia specifically covers Chinese, Korean and Japanese watchmaking publications. This monthly patent monitoring perfectly complements RIH, for anyone wishing to keep abreast of the latest technological developments in the Asian watchmaking industry.

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RIHH – History of Watchmaking Technology Insight

Thanks to your RIH access (Revue of invention horology) you benefit from an electronic access to watchmaking patents from the year 2001 to today. Complementary the SCBT strategic and technological information data cooperative has initiated a project to enhance the value of its watchmaking patent files with the aim of gradually going back to year 1820. 

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RPH Business & Technology Insights

RPH – Review of product horology – offers a weekly alert on new developments in the fields of mechanical and electronic watchmaking.

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Watch Industry Business Insight

Watch Industry Int’l News Digest is a weekly monitoring newsletter presenting the highlights from the world of watchmaking. The electronic version is accompanied by a paper version, distributed monthly, summarizing the most important information from the past month.

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Watch Industry DESIGN Insight

The Watchmaking Design monitoring bulletin tracks the publications of designs and models in 14 countries: International (WIPO), Europe (EUIPO), Benelux, Germany, Spain, France, United Kingdom, Switzerland, United States, Canada, China, South Korea, Japan and Russia.

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INFOMAT – Innovative Materials Technologies Insight

INFOMAT provides – 12 times a year – a selection of publications and patents relating to materials, their production and shaping methods for watchmaking applications.

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Individualized Business & Technology Insight

Your area of interest is not covered by our current Business & Technology Insights?
No problem – we create your individualized business & technology Insight according to your requirements!

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We also offer consulting services dedicated to CRISPR and the Life Sciences industries. Discover our 3 case studies !

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