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RAPID – Your Integration & Collaboration Portal

Automate patent & scientific literature monitoring, identify industry trends & competitor activity, build knowledge, share know-how

Are you tired of wasting time & money using multiple search tools?

Are you seeking an easy, cost-efficient way to stay on top of latest technology trends, industry news and competitor patent applications?

RAPID saves you time, money and search efforts!

Automatically receive the latest news, trends, patent applications with RAPID!

You need to navigate through a business environment that is defined by volatility, uncertainty, complexity, and ambiguity?

Our services combine human expertise with enriched data, insights and workflow solutions to provide you with customized, actionable solution that make your life easier and help you succeed.

Our multidisciplinary team of expert engineers and patent specialists combine latest AI and machine intelligence with human expertise.

SCBT provides a comprehensive range of services in the field of innovation, technology & strategic monitoring, as well as patent, technical, scientific & economic information searches and consulting.

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Frequently asked questions

Where are you located at?

SCBT is headquartered in Neuchâtel (Neuenburg), Switzerland.

What language can we communicate in?

You can communicate with us in French, German, English, Spanish and Greek.

Which technical fields do you specialize in?

All our employee are educated professionals with Ph.D. & MSc. degrees in various technical & scientific disciplines. Our experts and engineers cover the following technical fields.

What’s your company DNA?

SCBT – Swiss Center for Business & Technology Intelligence was founded in 1964 under the name Centredoc, as a centre of excellence in technology monitoring for the Swiss watchmaking industry. As a Swiss company, quality, discretion, trust, security, responsibility , precision and independency are part of our DNA ever since.

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